Next Steps is Turning Point’s first service. Next Steps started as a weekly, one-hour, peer-support group on Caritas, the psychiatric ward at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney. Turning Point will now be taking Next Steps, appropriately modified, into the broader community.

Next Steps meetings will assist recovery by providing:

  • a safe, stigma-free meeting place,
  • information about illnesses, treatments and issues affecting recovery,
  • the opportunity for those attending to discuss their own experiences, and
  • in the facilitator, an example of someone who is managing their illness.

On Caritas a total of 447 people attended 89 meetings.

At the end of each meeting, participants are asked to complete a feedback form comprising six questions. The questions are scored on a 0 to 10 scale, with the average scores as opposite.


How well did the group address your needs? 8.4
How did you feel at the start of the group? 6.0
How did you feel at the end of the group? 8.8
Did you enjoy being part of the group? 8.7
Will the group help with your recovery? 8.4
Were you treated with respect and understanding? 9.5

In the feedback form there was also an optional section,  “What was the most interesting part of today’s meeting?” Typical answers can be seen here.

It was always the intention that Next Steps would be taken into the broader community and it was designed with this in mind.
Turning Point has begun this process in the Eastern and South Eastern suburbs of Sydney.
It is hoped that what is achieved here will become a template that can be used Australia-wide.